Angel's Landing is a popular trail in Zion National Park. 

It has been said that, "Angels Landing is so high, that only an angel could land on it." To get to the top of the landing, you follow a series of switchbacks which then lead to amazing views. The formation in these earring reminded me of the 21 switchbacks needed to reach the top.


Scolecite Stone

Sterling Silver


Angel's Landing Earrings

  • All items in my collections are handmade using traditional metalsmith techniques and some with repurposed silver. I also search endlessly for unique stones from around the world for my collections.

    For that reason, no two pieces are the same and many are one of a kind, never to be made again.

    Each will have its own natural imperfections that give handcrafted items their character and soul. I put my heart and energy into each piece and truly hope you’ll cherish yours for a lifetime!