Adventurous. Determined. Pioneer.

Emma Kelly was one of the well known women of the Gold Rush era.

A reporter from Kansas, she traveled west to report on the Klondike Gold Rush. She endured blizzard like conditions on the trail and despite being told she was to late and wouldn't make it because of weather,  she pushed on. 


Emma Kelly was an adventurous women who despite the odds,  broke the mold of women in that era and created her own path in life. She became very successful and was the first girl to own two mines in the Yukon.


The Emma Kelly ring is crafted with 14/20 Gold representing the Gold Rush Era+ Sterling Silver + Turquoise stone.


A beautiful light blue turquoise stone with a delicate matrix represents the path to success and the light blue of the stone represents the arctic conditions Emma endured during her journey.


No matter your journey, I hope this ring inspires you with the spirit of the women of the west and to live a life full of adventure.


You can read more about her inspiring story here:


A portion of proceeds from this ring will be donated to the National Parks Foundation to support their efforts in preserving America's treasured lands. 

Emma Kelly Ring Sz 8

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