A .925 Sterling Silver wire is textured and shaped into a beautiful wishbone shape to symbolize good luck, fortune, and potential for the wearer. 


Choose between a light blue triangle shaped Golden Hills Turquoise, light blue round Golden Hills Turquoise, or square black White Buffalo stone.


These post style earrings are light on the ear and will easily transition between a casual day outfit, to a classy black outfit for a night on the town for a one of a kind unique, but classy style.

Silver Lucky Wishbone Earrings

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  • Golden Hills Turquoise is found in the mountains of Kazakhstan in the Altyn-Tyube mine. This rare and beautiful turquoise has become increasingly popular due to it's light baby blue hues, mixed with deep shades of dark brown. Some research says that it is the most "chemically sound" turquoise on the market. 

    It is quickly becoming one of the most sought after gemstones. Due to the turquoise only being able to be mined in the winter due to flooding in the summer, combined with the high demand of the stone-quickly make it a very expensive gemstone to buy- if you're lucky enough to find it!