Every mud cloth blanket removes at least 1 pound of trash from rivers, canals, and oceans.

We teamed up with TerraCycle Global Foundation to help remove and recycle trash from the waterways that lead to the ocean.

An estimated 20 billion pounds or more of waste are dumped in the ocean yearly.

The simplicity of the black-accented lines gives off a clean and sophisticated feeling. Made by artisans in Mali, Africa, this lovely throw blanket adds warmth and style to any room.


Each Blanket is unique.  They are handmade and collected from what is known as cottage industry production, which incorporates artisans across multiple villages. Artwork varies by town and by the artisan who made it. Before being delivered each blanket is carefully hand-washed and checked for quality.




*There may be small imperfections or tears in the fabric. This is expected and widely regarded as part of the appeal of these precious fabrics.


Mud Cloth Blanket

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