A pairing like no other. 

NacozariTurquoise + Carico Lake Turquoise pair together for a beautiful two-tone earring accented with intricate handstamping against sterling silver, then finished with a slight buff for a soft glow. 


The unique shape of the Nacozari Turquoise combined with the artist's  handstamped detail make these earrings truly a one of a kind pair.



Post style & light on the ear.

.925 Sterling Silver

Out West Earrings

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  • Nacozari Turquoise was mined extensively many years ago and is now no longer available. Like much of the turquoise today, mines are being depleted and each stone is becoming more and more rare. 

    Carico Lake Turquoise has become very popular and highly collectible due to it's beautiful shades of light blue and green.  The. mine in Nevada produces some of the most beautiful shade of American Turquoise. Mining is very limited, which has caused the availability to be very limited. Due to it's great demand, it has become of the most valuable types of American turquoise.